Washing by Hand

We have a problem.

Our dishwasher is broken, likely plugged with hard water mineral buildup and perhaps some seals are broken. Its been doing its job for 10 years but now running vinegar through it no longer keeps water moving inside.

The only “kid” still living in the house frequently sneaks to the laundry room in the basement to wash just one outfit — sometimes even one article of clothing — at a time in the washer and dryer.

The heater on our 15-year-old clothes dryer no longer works so it runs again and again.

I lied. My family has at least three problems, as evidenced above.

My solutions are as follows.

  1. Wash your dishes by hand. Seriously. It can be done.
  2. Wash your clothes by hand or go to the laundromat with heavily soiled items.
  3. Hang clothes to dry or go to the laundromat with items that need a dryer in wintertime

We may or may not repair and/or replace the dishwasher and dryer. Running a machine for just a few items is an unacceptable waste of water, electricity and money, but my kid won’t take my advice. My kid does, however, like Youtube. After telling my kid what each person’s responsibilities are, I sent these links – via Facebook message, of course. Hopefully one of them will have an impact.

How to Wash your Clothes by Hand : easy way and Save water

I like that this young man’s solution is simple and environmentally focused. He’s cool.

Hand Wash Laundry With A Salad Spinner

This is a fun idea but the presenter introduces herself as a grandma. Does fun trump “not cool”?

Should I buy a laundry salad spinner or should I wait til I see my kid trying to use the one in the kitchen before I splurge on another purchase?

I really need to collect some “cool” videos on homemaking to share with my young adult children, especially the one still at home. I’m not sure where I failed, but they are dang lazy and entitled. When people say, “kids these days…” I fear they’ve met mine. *Sigh*


One thought on “Washing by Hand”

  1. Oh my stars! Even when I was a teenager if I wanted one item washed I would hand wash it. Lol. My dishwasher broke a few years back. I figure I will replace it when I eventually sell my house. You didn’t fail, kids have many influences in their lives. They are still finding their way in the world. : )


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